Interior Business Center Shared Services

The Interior Business Center is a federal shared services provider that offers business solutions to create efficiencies and economies of scale for the Department of the Interior as well as other federal agencies. 

Acquisition Services | Finance and Accounting | Human Resources and Payroll

Having earned the distinction of becoming one of the few Office of Management and Budget designated shared service providers in the federal government, IBC is committed to providing leading edge efficient and cost-effective business services to our customers.

Utilizing a shared services provider allows an organization focus solely on their core mission while delegating administrative functions to a separate entity.

At the Interior Business Center, we capitalize on the economy of skill provided by a dedicated workforce of professionals spanning three main lines of business to provide your organization with accurate, courteous and timely service. Coupled with the economy of scale gained by providing expert services to several federal agencies, IBC allows you to maximize cost efficiency and staff utilization.

We use the interagency agreement vehicle, which simplifies the procurement processes for most federal agencies. Our main statutory authority for providing cross agency support is through the Department of the Interior's working capital fund, which was established pursuant to 43 USC 1467 (amended). Acquisition services are  also provided through the Interior Franchise Fund pursuant to Pub. L. No. 104-208, div. A, tit. I, § 101(d).

Service Offerings

The alphabetical list below displays links to detailed information about the systems and services we offer to the Department of the Interior and other federal Agencies.

Category Systems/Services
Financial Management Accounting Operations
Acquisition Services Assisted Acquisitions
Financial Management Charge Card Management
Human Resources Drug and Alcohol Testing
Financial Management eTravel
Financial Management Financial Systems and Support Services
Human Resources FPPS (Federal Personnel Payroll System)
Human Resources Human Resources Management Suite
Human Resources Human Resources Operations
Financial Management Indirect Cost Rate Negotiations
Financial Management Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation for Indian Tribal Government
Financial Management Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation for Insular Areas, State, and Local Government
Financial Management Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation for Non Profit Organization
Financial Management iQMIS
Financial Management IRS Form 1099 Processing
Financial Management Oracle Federal Financials
Human Resources Payroll Operations
Financial Management Quarters Management
Human Resources Quicktime
Human Resources webTA