Human Resources Operational Services

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IBC includes the following services in the baseline HR servicing model:

 Position Classification Management

Advise on organizational structure, establishment of positions and maintenance of positions; classify positions in accordance with OPM regulations; administer the classification appeals process.

Talent Acquisition (including Executive Resources recruitment)

  • Recruitment – Engage in outreach activities to achieve a quality candidate pool
  • Assessment – Identify or develop assessment tools and criteria, used in conjunction with USA Staffing, to determine the best-qualified candidates for positions being filled
  • Staffing – Utilize USA Staffing in support of hiring activities including soliciting, receiving, and evaluating applications, communicating with applicants, and issuing electronic selection certificates to hiring managers; advise on interview and reference check processes; process new hire selections including making job offers, gathering pre-employment paperwork, and establishing Entry on Duty date via electronic means in the Workforce Transformation and Tracking System/Entrance on Duty System; ensure regulatory requirements are met to effect hire actions
  • Delegated Examining Unit Establishment & Compliance – Assist agency in establishing and/or maintaining a DEU and subsequently, delegating authority to IBC to perform delegated hiring; comply with OPM audit requirements

Federal Benefits Management

  • Benefits Counseling, Processing, and Reporting – Provide employees information, counseling, and assistance on a wide range of benefit options, eligibility, and impacts; capture, validate, and process benefits elections for new hires; advise current employees on use of Employee Express for self-service benefits changes; facilitate reporting on employee participation in benefits programs
  • Retirement Counseling – Advise individuals on retirement benefits and steps required to prepare for retirement; calculate annuity estimates and prepares retirement packages for submission to OPM
  • Workers Compensation – Provide comprehensive workers compensation services including adjudication, case management, and counseling

Employee Relations and Labor Relations Management

  • Performance Management – Provide support to management / agency on the implementation and evaluation of performance management programs and individual performance management processes and issues
  • Compensation Management – Determine eligibility and calculate values for pay, leave, and other compensation
  • Employee Relations – Provide support to management for a variety of employee relations matters including disciplinary action, adverse action, administrative action, action related to unacceptable performance, alternative dispute resolution, grievance, third-party decisions and appeals, suitability, reasonable accommodation, and termination
  • Labor Relations – Provide support to management / agency on labor relations matters including term, mid-term and ad-hoc negotiations; mediation; arbitration; alternative dispute resolution; filings; and compliance with statutory labor-management relations obligations

Personnel Action Processing and Electronic Official Personnel Folder Maintenance

  • Initiate, validate, approve, update, and document personnel actions and data in FPPS; maintain employee Official Personnel Folders in the eOPF system

HR Systems Administration

  • Administer HR-related systems utilized by IBC HR and thereby client organizations; control system access, work with client agencies to implement and fully utilize systems; troubleshoot and resolve system problems; identify and advocate for system enhancements; streamline and improve business processes for full support within the automated systems

Personnel Security and PIV Card Processing

NOTE: This service only is available as a stand-alone service; otherwise included as part of the complete HR service model

  • Fingerprint and Background Investigation Processing – Coordinate and process fingerprints and BIs for employees, applicants, and contractors for non-sensitive low risk positions, Public Trust positions and for National Security Clearances through the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigation Processing system; adjudicate BI results for suitability determination and issuance of National Security Clearances per agency and OPM regulations and policies; advise agency on application of OPM or agency Personnel Security regulations, policies and procedures
  • PIV Card Processing – Perform roles as Initiator, Sponsor, and Adjudicator for issuance of PIV Cards in USA Access on behalf of the agency; act as Agency Liaison with GSA on card or system issues

For additional information regarding these programs please contact the IBC Personnel Security staff at 303-716-4005.


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