Federal Personnel Payroll System

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The Department of the Interior's (DOI's) Interior Business Center (IBC) Federal Personnel/Payroll System (FPPS) is a modern, mainframe-based, portable, integrated, on-line, and real-time personnel and payroll system. The system provides personnel and payroll support to numerous agencies. The system is customer-driven, creating and generating the full life cycle of personnel transactions, enabling agencies to maintain records electronically. FPPS handles all current regulations including specialized pay, garnishments, special appointment programs, and more.

FPPS was developed by the IBC using state-of-the-art database technology, fourth-generation language, structured development methodology, and computer-aided software engineering tools for robust performance and ease of maintenance. FPPS is a highly sophisticated and comprehensive database management system providing an extensive array of human resources (HR) and payroll automation support within its core, including requirements prescribed by client agencies, the IBC's centralized Payroll Operations Division (POD), and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The FPPS application supports Requesting Office, Time and Attendance (T&A input), Servicing Personnel Office, Security, Time &Attendance Maintenance, and Pay Maintenance commands for Federal employees and Emergency Workers (Casuals).