About the Interior Business Center

The Interior Business Center is a federal shared services provider that operates under a fee-for-service, full cost recovery business model, offering Acquisition, Financial Management and Human Resources systems and services to federal organizations.

For more than 30 years, IBC has supported federal agencies by providing business solutions that allow them to focus on their core missions. Currently, we serve over 150 different federal organizations, including the Department of the Interior. 

Why Choose IBC?

  • Utilizing a shared service provider allows an organization to focus on their core missions, while securing critical business support functions through a separate entity.
  • We help agencies maximize cost efficiency and staff utilization.
  • We capitalize on the skill provided by a dedicated workforce of professionals spanning three complementary lines of business.
  • Economy of scale is gained by providing expert services to an extensive and diverse customer base.
  • We offer a comprehensive array of business management services.

Acquisition Services

We provide assisted acquisition from project inception through contract closeout. We support contracting projects that range from professional and information technology products and services to aviation support.

Financial Management Services

We provide financial management services, including accounting and core financial systems implementation and support for Oracle® Federal Financials software. We also offer indirect cost rate negotiation and contract audit services.

Human Resources Services

We deliver a comprehensive set of personnel systems and services, including integrated payroll and human resources systems and services, drug and alcohol testing, and personnel security.

Authorities and Regulations

IBC’s statutory authority for providing cross agency support services is through the Department of the Interior's two intragovernmental revolving fund components, i.e., the Working Capital Fund, which was established pursuant to 43 USC 1467 and the Interior Franchise Fund (IFF) established pursuant to Pub. L. No. 104-208 and the 2008 Omnibus Appropriation bill. Congress established revolving funds as a “business type” of fund to allow federal agencies to finance a cycle of operations through amounts received by the fund. IBC is authorized to use revolving funds to support the business management services it provides.

Under the Office of Personnel Management’s ePayroll and Human Resources Line of Business initiatives, IBC is a designated Human Resources Federal Shared Service Center to federal agencies.

Through a competitive process in 2004, OMB designated IBC as federal shared service provider in financial management. In 2014, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Innovation and Transformation Office, managing partner for the Financial Management Line of Business, recertified IBC as a shared service provider for financial management. IBC is currently one of the three federal shared services providers included in the Financial Management QSMO Marketplace Catalog.

 IBC is also a Grants QSMO-validated provider, serving the federal financial assistance grants and acquisition contracts community. IBC negotiates indirect cost rate agreements with non-federal entities and on behalf of the Department of Interior and other cognizant federal agencies. These indirect cost rates are negotiated in accordance with OMB Circular 2 CFR 200.

In addition, we are authorized by the Department of the Interior, our parent agency, to provide interagency acquisition services. OMB’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy provides overall direction for government-wide procurement policies, regulations and procedures and to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in acquisition processes.

Introduction to the Interior Business Center

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