Organization Chart

Image illustrating IBC High Level Organization chart

Director – Michele F. Singer

Deputy Director – James Beall (A) (Washington, D.C.)

Chief of Staff – Caroline Romano (Washington, D.C.)

Associate Director, Enterprise Management – Matthew Costello (A) (Washington, D.C.)

Associate Director, Acquisition Services – Keith O’Neill (Herndon, Va.)

  • Acquisition Management 1 Division
  • Acquisition Management 2 Division
  • Acquisition Management 3 Division
  • Acquisition Management 4 Division
  • Acquisition Policy and Oversight Division
  • Business Operations Division

Associate Director, Financial Management – Donna Edsall (Denver, Colo.)

  • Finance and Procurement Systems Division
  • Accounting Operations Services Division
  • Program Support Office
  • Indirect Cost Services Division

Associate Director, Human Resources – LC Williams (Denver, Colo.)

  • Payroll Operations Division
  • Security and Drug & Alcohol Testing Division
  • Personnel & Payroll Systems Division
  • Human Resources Management Systems Division
  • Systems Migration & Services Division
  • Human Resources Operations Division
  • Administrative Office