Acquisition Services

From acquisition planning and solicitation to negotiation and award to administration and close-out. Over 20 years experience in contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements.

IBC requires an Interagency Agreement, consisting of two parts: Part A and Part B. Within the Interagency Agreement, the "servicing agency" is the Interior Business Center (through its Acquisition Services Directorate) and the "requesting agency" refers to the Federal client agency.

Part A - Contains the general terms and conditions and may cover a single assisted acquisition or serve as an umbrella document to cover multiple assisted acquisitions.

Part B - Serves as the funding document and provides specific information on the requesting agency's requirement. IBC is required to have a signed Part A on file before accepting Part B. Clients are permitted to submit their own funding document, if required by their agency, in addition to Part B. For example, DoD clients may submit a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request in addition to Part B.

The combination of Parts A and B creates a financial obligation. Both Parts A and B should be emailed to IBC's Acquisition Services funding team with a copy to your contracting officer. Please be sure to put your name on the fax cover sheet if you prefer to send a fax, 703-964-5300.

Customers within the DOI’s Office of the Secretary should complete the Purchase Request/Requisition Information Form.

If you are a new client or not currently working with a contracting officer, please call us at 703-964-3600.