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IBC is an OPM-certified payroll provider and federal shared service center for human resources. 

IBC has been providing payroll and HR services to federal agencies for over 35 years through a comprehensive set of personnel systems and services. We offer development and support, and provide for the design, modification, implementation, documentation, and future versions of these systems. Our comprehensive and integrated HR support services meet or exceed all government requirements and federal payroll guidelines.


The Federal Personnel and Payroll System is a comprehensive personnel and payroll system. FPPS meets all government requirements and federal payroll guidelines. FPPS is customer-driven, creating and generating the full life cycle of personnel and payroll transactions, enabling agencies to maintain records electronically. Certain aspects of security can be controlled by the customer and are flexible enough to support most business processes. The  integrated user friendly, point and click screens, system for real-time updates and edits of employee personnel and payroll data clearly enhances the timeliness and accuracy of agency personnel and pay actions. The system's table-driven features allow for responsiveness and flexibility in implementing new programs, laws, and regulations; and for addressing client-specific pay plans and processes. A major feature of FPPS that substantially improves the personnel and payroll product is its capability for users to process retroactive personnel and T&A actions. The system automatically generates corrections to intervening personnel transactions, as well as triggers automated retroactive pay adjustments for up to 26 pay periods. The fact that personnel and payroll data is integrated into one database eliminates the need for resource-intensive reconciliations between two systems.

FPPS Datamart

The IBC Datamart is a data warehouse environment utilizing an Oracle database that provides online access through its core reporting tool and other customized auxiliary applications. Populated with data from FPPS and other source systems, it serves as an enterprise reporting and application solution across functional areas for DOI and IBC clients governmentwide.

Human Resources Operations

IBC provides a full range of HR operational services including, Organization and Position Management, Staff Acquisition, Benefits Management, Employee Relations, Labor Management, Personnel Action Processing and Electronic Official Personnel Folder Maintenance, HR Systems Administration and Personnel Security and PIV Card Processing. IBC prides itself on delivering an all-inclusive HR servicing model while providing clients with exceptional customer service and economic value through partnership in providing quality, effective, and efficient HR services critical to their mission.

Human Resources Management Suite

In addition to basic personnel and payroll processing, IBC offers comprehensive integrated HR products and services through its Human Resources Management Suite. The HRMS includes an Entry on Duty System, a Workforce Transformation and Tracking System for federal employees, an Affiliate Workforce Tracking System for contractors, and automated staffing systems. Along with FPPS, these systems provide seamless integration, eliminating data redundancy and increasing efficiencies in personnel processing.

Talent Management

IBC offers an integrated learning management and performance management system, referred to as FedTalent.

Payroll Operations

IBC provides a full range of operational payroll services, debt management, benefits administration, payroll accounting and client specific customer service. IBC takes a proactive approach to ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time, initiating problem resolution and interacting with employees, timekeepers, supervisors and personnel offices sometimes even before the affected employee is aware that there is a problem. IBC works closely with clients to meet their individual needs, identify areas requiring payroll staff intervention and/or monitoring, and to provide continuous feedback and resolution of payroll and T&A issues. Customer questions and concerns are promptly and accurately addressed through a network of help desks, online help capability, training, user manuals and easily accessible IBC staff.

Quicktime Time and Attendance

IBC administers Quicktime, a web-based Time & Attendance Input System that can be customized for agency-unique requirements. Quicktime can be configured for employee T&A data entry or traditional timekeeper data entry. It features sign in/sign out capabilities, electronic leave and extra hours request, electronic certification and default schedules. Comprehensive online editing and immediate error correction capabilities allow for error free transmission of T&A data. Quicktime has extensive security controls with locally controlled assignment of roles and responsibilities. Also featured are reporting capabilities and audit trails.

Personnel Security and Credentialing Services

IBC provides a full range of personnel security and credentialing services, including pre-employment processing, PIV credentialing, suitability and fitness adjudications, security adjudications, reinvestigations, security clearance processing, as well as special projects. We provide these services as either a stand-alone service or as part of the complete human resources model. IBC prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and economic value to our clients, while enhancing the overall security and integrity of the federal workforce.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

IBC is responsible for the program management responsibilities of the Drug-Free Workplace Program for the Department of the Interior and all of its bureaus. Our Drug and Alcohol Testing staff comprises the Drug Program Manager, the Drug Program Coordinators and Specialists who ensure compliance with Executive Order 12564 of September 15, 1986, and the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. The Drug and Alcohol Testing staff coordinates and facilitate all pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion/cause, post-accident, return to duty, and follow-up testing.

Additionally, IBC provides support services to 60 other federal agencies in support of their Drug Free Workplace programs. IBC staff can assist customers with random testing selection, scheduling, testing, applicant notification, training, and on-site collection services.

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