Indirect Cost & Contract Audit Services

We are a shared service provider who negotiates and issues federally recognized indirect cost rate agreements on behalf of the Department of Interior and other cognizant federal agencies. We also perform incurred cost and contract related audit services on behalf of other federal agencies who award flexibly priced contracts to federal contractors.

Contract Audit Services

We perform audits of claimed costs incurred and submitted by contractors for reimbursement under flexibly priced contracts to determine if the costs are acceptable in accordance with contract terms, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Uniform Guidance (UG),  and Cost Accounting Standard (CAS) rules and regulations.

Indirect Cost Rate Negotiation

We review, negotiate and approve or countersign indirect rate agreements on behalf of our client agencies. We offer guidance to non-federal entities for initiating a Rate Negotiation Process, and preparing and submitting an Indirect Cost Proposal.

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