Quicktime Time and Attendance System

A web-based application that allows employee and timekeeper entry of time through a sign-in and sign-out time method or a traditional timesheet.

Key Features

  • An automated leave request process and automated requests for premium work hours
  • Reporting of time includes regular hours, leave earned and used, holiday pay, and premium time
  • Numerous validations and relational edits to ensure proper recording of time
  • Timesheets can be configured with multiple levels of approval and are independently validated and certified through electronic signatures
  • Quicktime data interfaces to OBIEE data warehouse for easy data analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Quicktime is Section 508 compliant and is mobile-enabled using Government Furnished Equipment
  • Provides releases 3 times per year aligned with FPPS

Why Quicktime?

  • It operates as a nimble application, with a bidirectional interface with the Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) to exchange employee profile and pertinent personnel and payroll information along with time and attendance data to support an employee’s pay
  • It is configured to support agency unique requirements to ensure compliance with federal laws, regulations, and agency business processes
  • It maintains integrity in labor cost allocations to support our clients budget and reporting process by editing time entries against the customer’s labor cost system to ensure that each individual employee’s time is being charged against authorized labor accounts

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