Financial Systems and Services

  • Support for Interior Business Center hosted financial systems
  • Certified core financial management systems
  • Additional supporting financial management systems and services

​Certified Core Financial Management Systems

The Interior Business Center implements and maintains financial systems and associated applications.

We provide customer support and systems management including the analysis, development, financial systems testing, system administration, database administration, production control, and various other operations support activities.

We also provide functional support and management of applications that interface to the core financial and procurement systems, including eTravel, Charge Card, and IRS Form 1099 file submissions to recipients and the Internal Revenue Service.

Comprehensive offering of financial services:

  • Financial Statement Preparation System
  • Procurement Systems
  • eTravel Systems
  • Financial Reporting
  • Charge Card Support
  • IRS Form 1099 Processing
  • Property Management
  • Quarters – Supports the billing, collection, and reporting of offsite housing costs.

Comprising these extensive systems:

  • Application Management Services (Systems, database, and applications administration)
  • Project Management
  • Systems Migration
  • Systems Implementation
  • Testing (User acceptance, C&A and SSAE 16)
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Production Support
  • Change Management
  • Audit Support Compliance (C&A, SSAE 16, and FISMA)
  • Training
  • Help Desk and Customer Support

Related Links and Contact Information

Charge Card Management Information - 303-969-5588
eTravel Information - 303-969-5050 or 303-969-5819
IRS Form 1099 Processing Information - 303-969-5820
Oracle® Federal Financials (OFF) - 571-230-4558
Quarters Management (QMIS) - 303-969-5696
For inquiries about our Financial Services offering, contact us via email