IBC Acquisition Services Overview


AQD Overview - Transcript

Thank you for your interest in the Department of the Interior, Interior Business Center’s Acquisition Services Directorate. For more than 20 years, AQD has provided dedicated acquisition support services. We are fortunate to be able to support the Department of the Interior, the Department of Defense and nearly 40 other agencies. Let us show you how AQD can be your trusted acquisition provider of choice for supporting your mission.
 Our mission is to deliver responsive, agile compliant and mission enabling acquisition support services to the federal government. 

 Our focus is on regulatory compliance, extensive documentation and exceptional customer service.

 In AQD, We buy stuff! ...our services include 
* market research  
* acquisition planning
* solicitation preparation and Issuance
* negotiation planning and execution,
* source selection  
* contract award
* Monitoring & contract closeout
* protest defense,
* data call responses,  
* audit and review support
* And all the documentation for these key components

 We negotiate and execute many different types of contracts and agreements. 
* fixed-price, 
* cost-reimbursement
* time-and-materials, 
* labor-hour 
* Indefinite-delivery contracts
* grants, 
* cooperative agreements and
*  other transaction authority

We procure many services and supplies required to complete your mission Information Technology
* Aviation Support, Research and Development
* Construction Services
* Professional Training and Development Services
* Operations Support Services
* Administrative Services
* Medical Supplies and Services, Accounting Services

We utilize a wide variety of procurement options that best support your requirement
* Full and open competition
* Various contract set asides
* Awards against existing government wide acquisition contracts
* Urgent and compelling awards 

 We are honored to support the many federal agencies. If your mission needs assisted acquisition support, please contact one of our contracting officers or reach out to us online.


Watch the "Introduction to the Interior Business Center" video to learn more about the additional services IBC offers.