DOI Museum Property Handbooks


Museum Property Handbook Volume I: Preservation and Protection of Museum Property
Chapter 1: Introduction to Museum Property Management PDF
Chapter 2: Planning for Museum Property Management PDF
Chapter 3: Scope of Museum Property Collections PDF
Chapter 4: Introduction to Museum Property Preservation PDF
Chapter 5: Agents of Deterioration PDF
Chapter 6: Biological Infestations PDF
Chapter 7: Housekeeping: Preventative Conservation PDF
Chapter 8: Handling, Packing, and Shipping PDF
Chapter 9: Museum Property Storage PDF
Chapter 10: Conservation Treatment PDF
Chapter 11: Museum Property Security and Fire Protection PDF
Chapter 12: Museum Property Emergency Planning PDF
Chapter 13: Professional Considerations PDF
Chapter 14: Programming: Funding, and Staffing PDF
Chapter 15: Artwork in Office Space PDF
Appendix A: Mandates and Standards PDF
Appendix B: Professional Organizations and Societies PDF
Appendix C: Codes of Ethics PDF
Appendix D: Scope of Collections Statement PDF
Appendix E: Museum Property Management Checklist PDF
Appendix F: Monitoring the Environment PDF
Appendix G: Storage of Museum Property PDF
Appendix H: Documentation of Conservation Treatment PDF
Appendix I: Protection of Museum Property PDF
Appendix J: Museum Property Supplies and Equipment Sources PDF
Appendix K: Glossary PDF




Museum Property Handbook Volume II: Documentation of Museum Property
Chapter 1: Documentation and Accountability PDF
Chapter 2: Accessioning PDF
Chapter 3: Cataloging PDF
Chapter 4: Inventory and Other Special Instructions PDF
Chapter 5: Incoming and Outgoing Loans PDF
Chapter 6: Deaccessioning PDF
Appendix A: Mandates and Standards PDF
Appendix B: Estimating Cataloging Costs PDF
Appendix C: Historical and/or Scientific Documents PDF
Appendix D: Classifying Museum Property PDF
Appendix E: Lot Cataloging PDF
Appendix F: U.S. Postal Service State and Territory Codes PDF
Appendix G: FIPS County Codes PDF
Appendix H: Recommended Readings for Cataloging PDF
Appendix I: Photography PDF
Appendix J: Marking and Numbering Museum Property PDF
Appendix K: Techniques for Recording Measurements PDF
Appendix L: Optional Data Categories for Accessioning PDF
Appendix M: Optional Data Categories for Cataloging Cultural Resources PDF
Appendix N: Optional Data for Natural History PDF
Appendix O: Optional Data Categories - Loans PDF
Appendix Q: Glossary PDF
Master Index PDF

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