Museum Property Directives

The Interior Museum Program develops and maintains policy and procedure documents for the governance, management, and preservation of museum collections managed by the bureaus and offices. 

411 DM "Identifying and Managing Museum Property" sets the overarching policy for museum property, and DOI Museum Property Directives serve as an extension to 411 DM, offering more specific policy, procedures, and standards.

DOI Museum Property Directives Date Issued
Directive 1: Introduction to Managing Museum Collections March 14, 2013
Directive 2: Museum Planning, Programming, and Staffing Coming Soon
Directive 3: Required Standards for Documenting Museum Property September 21, 2012
Directive 4: Required Standards for Managing and Preserving Museum Property  September 21, 2012
Directive 5: Museum Collections by Discipline Coming Soon
Directive 6: Archives Coming Soon
Directive 7: Bureau Museum Property Management Plan Coming Soon
Directive 8: Scope of Collection Statement Coming Soon
Directive 9: Collection Management Plan Coming Soon
Directive 10: Museum Emergency Management Coming Soon
Directive 11: Museum Integrated Pest Management Coming Soon
Directive12: Museum Fire Prevention and Security Coming Soon
Directive 13: Museum Housekeeping and Preventive Conservation Coming Soon

Directive 14: Facility Checklist for Spaces Housing DOI Museum Property


September 24, 2015

Directive 15: Conservation Survey and Treatment Coming Soon
Directive 16: Curatorial Health and Safety Coming Soon
Directive 17: Working with Non-Bureau Facilities and Repositories to Manage DOI Museum Collections November 27, 2018
Directive 18: Interior Collection Management System (ICMS) September 21, 2012
Directive 19: Acquisition and Accessioning Coming Soon

Directive 20: Cataloging Museum Collections

February 3, 2016

Directive 21: Inventory of Museum Collections

March 13, 2014


Directive 22: Incoming Loans of Museum Collections

December 16, 2016
July 2017

Directive 23: Short-term Outgoing Loans of Museum Collections

December 1, 2018
Directive 24: Temporary Custodial Arrangements Coming Soon
Directive 25: Deaccessioning and Disposition Coming Soon
Directive 26: Museum Records Management Coming Soon
Directive 27: Reporting Requirements Coming Soon
Directive 28: Access, Use, and Restrictions of Museum Collections Coming Soon
Directive 29: Exhibiting Museum Collections Coming Soon
Directive 30: Museum Collections in Administrative Office Space Coming Soon
Directive 31: Museum Collection Storage Coming Soon
Master Glossary for DOI Museum Property Directives March 1, 2016
Master Bibliography Coming Soon
Master Index Coming Soon

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