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Bureau of Indian Affairs

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Museum Program has nearly 200 objects and 13 virtual exhibitions viewable online.


Bureau of Reclamation

The Bureau of Reclamation's museum collections consist of more than 8 million items, most of which are archaeological, but also include natural history, historic objects, archival collections, and art. A sample of the more than 375 commissioned pieces of art celebrating Reclamation's history is available online, along with a fascinating 3-D imaging project of ancient bison fossils unearthed on Reclamation land.


                                                               Glen Canyon Dam, Norman Rockwell (Bureau of Reclamation)                                                                                                           



Interior Museum

Since 1938, the Interior Museum has welcomed visitors to enjoy exhibits in person at the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building in Washington, DC. In addition to in-gallery exhibitions the Interior Museum has an ever expanding online presence on its website and via its portal on Google Arts & Culture.



National Park Service

Explore this extensive list of virtual exhibits and educational resources about topics ranging from the American Civil War, American Heritage, American Presidents and First Ladies, the American Revolutionary War, American Visionaries, the American West, Paleontology, and more.



Also check out the Interior Museum Program's exhibit on Google Arts & Culture:

The American Bison: A National Symbol

Learn how the once endangered bison transcends history as an enduring aspect of Native American cultures and thrives as part our shared heritage.

Screenshot of the Interior Museum Program's online exhibit "the American Bison: a National Symbol"


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