Interior Shelves

The Interior Museum Program's newsletter, Interior Shelves, highlights some of the remarkable collections and exhibits managed and cared for by DOI bureaus and offices for use by researchers, educators, students, local communities, and many others.

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Issue 1 - Articles about the Bureau of Land Management's efforts to increase public access to a collection of looted archaeological objects through traveling exhibits, partnerships with museums around the country, and the publication of an interpretive plan; the preservation of a 17 foot wooden inlaid map of the U.S. for public enjoyment at the National Park Service's Yellowstone National Park; and Fish and Wildlife Service's online Google Arts and Culture exhibit on the acclaimed painter and ornithologist, Louis Agassiz Fuertes.


Indians, painting by Cherokee art-ist, Lloyd Henri “Kiva” New, 1973

Issue 1 - Articles about the U.S. Department of the Interior Museum's new semi-permanent gallery, People, Land & Water, that introduces audiences to the scope and influence of the Department, past and present; the online exhibit called The American Bison: A National Symbol that highlights museum objects related to the bison from many disciplines owned by many DOI bureaus on Google Arts and Culture; and the Bureau of Indian Affairs' ten online exhibits of more than 100 artworks and ethnographic objects also on Google Arts and Culture.  


Issue 2 - Articles about the stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service in partnership with the National Park Service focusing on 16 parks, including four museum objects representing parks, for the NPS's Centennial celebration in 2016; the display of Bureau of Reclamation's fossil specimens in the Idaho Museum of Natural History's exhibit Exposed: Never Before Seen Wonders; and the Indian Arts and Crafts Board's traveling exhibit featuring Native American beadwork, painting, and quillwork.


USGS Grover Issue 1 - Articles that highlight DOI bureau projects funded under a competitive program for Cultural and Scientific Collections. These include a BLM project to both catalog BLM museum objects and to educate children and the wider public about BLM collections in Montana, an anniversary celebration at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge (FWS) to commemorate the sinking of the steamship Bertrand in 1865, a conservation assessment of USGS's Lunar Training Vehicle "Grover", and planning for a DOI-wide collections repository at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (NPS).


Issue 2 - Articles about BLM Anasazi Heritage Center’s use of Facebook to highlight their collections, the importance of shopkeeper’s ledgers to the park’s history at C&O Canal National Historical Park, and the new display of the official secretarial portraits in the Stewart Lee Udall building in Washington, DC by the Interior Museum.


2015 issue 1 Issue 1 - Articles about NPS lesson plans that allow students to engage history by bringing museum collections into the classroom, a FWS project that uses zooarchaeological remains to study climate change, and a celebration at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge (FWS) to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the sinking of the steamship Bertrand.

Issue 2 - Articles about a NPS program at Morristown National Historical Park that gives students hands-on experience with primary source archives, a BIA collection that preserves native Alaskan cultural history, and a new exhibit at the Interior Museum that explores the intersection of DOI and pop culture.



Issue 1 - Articles about a partnership between Cape Cod National Seashore (NPS) and a local high school to bring documents about Native American genealogy to light, research on BOR's collection of bison fossils, and the reopening of the Interior Museum with an exhibit of Works Progress Administration (WPA) national park posters.
Eagle button from Camp Lawton (FWS) Issue 2 - Articles about the research and public outreach efforts at the Civil War archaeological site of Camp Lawton (FWS), the creation of a mobile museum with the help of Effigy Mounds National Monument (NPS), and new interactive programming at IACB's three museums.



Issue 1 - Articles about new NPS museum objects at Kalaupapa National Historical Park, the preservation of an archeological collection from an excavation at a National Historic Landmark in Oregon by a NPS curator and conservator, and the Frank Rinehart photograph collection owned and managed by Indian Affairs.
Civilian Conservation Corps crew building infrastructure at Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Medicine Lake, Montana. (FWS) Issue 2- Articles about the archives collection of the Fish and Wildlife Service, especially those pertaining to the Civilian Conservation Corps, moving Nike Missile equipment between national park units for interpretative programming, and how the Indian Arts and Crafts Board are sharing their collections with the public.



Issue 1– Articles about D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives (FWS), virtual museum exhibits of the NPS, the Grand Canyon museum collection (NPS), and zoological collections of the USGS
A majestic skull of the giant plant-eating dinosaur Camarasaurus gazes down on visitors in the Quarry Exhibit Hall. (NPS) Issue 2– Articles about the dinosaur exhibit at Dinosaur National Monument (NPS), the artwork provided to DOI senior staff through the Art-in-Office Program of the Interior Museum, and the partnership between the Flagstaff Area National Monuments and the Museum of Northern Arizona that promotes access and use of the important NPS collections.


Issue 3– Articles about Reclamation's collection at Hoover Dam, the preservation and use of totem poles at Sitka National Monument (NPS), and a BLM fossil collection at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.


Examining Native American baskets from the Gibson and Colburn collection at the Interior Museum. (IM) Issue 1– Articles about the basket collection at the Interior Museum, an unexpected fossil find at Olympic National Park (NPS), and the historic collection of USGS geologist Dr. David Love.


Issue 2 – Articles about the archeological collections at the Anasazi Heritage Center (BLM), a BLM fossil collection at New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, ship models at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park (NPS), and a collection of Civil War personal items donated to the Gettysburg National Military Park (NPS).

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