Painting of four Atlantic salmon and a spear by Penobscot artist James Francis.


Did you know the Department of the Interior has more than 75 million museum objects and 90,000 linear feet of archives? It's true! Our ten bureaus and offices have amazing museum collections. Only a fraction is exhibited in visitor centers and museums across the nation, while much more is stored for preservation and future research. But, we're committed to making more of our museum collections available, more accessible, more discoverable.

Bringing more of the collections online is part of our strategy to provide greater and more equitable access for all to enjoy these treasures. Progress is slow and steady, so please check back often. You will find more of our museum collections online every year! 

Our extensive museum collections, preserve the places, stories, objects, and artifacts of our shared national story. Visit the links below to see more and learn more. Discover your DOI museum collections.