Museum Program Annual Reports


Each year, the Interior Museum Program prepares a Department of the Interior Museum Property Management Summary Report. Summary Reports describe the resources, accomplishments, goals, and issues of the ten bureaus and offices that manage museum collections. Each report describes oversight efforts for museum collections and offers insights to the challenges the bureaus and offices face in managing museum collections as stewards for the American public. 

Cover of 2017 Museum Property Management Summary Report with painting of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone ” by Thomas Moran (1872), Interior Museum collection


You will find information about our museum collections and our accomplishments.  The reports vary from year to year, but generally the summary reports cover the estimated size and complexity of the DOI collections, accessioning and cataloging activity, preservation and conservation work; inventory and accountability efforts; the federal and non-federal facilities housing Department of the Interior collections; access and use of collections; and partnerships. 


Museum Property Management Summary Reports:



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