Professional Development

Expand your horizons!

Some of our workplaces are in the most remote areas of the country, but you are not alone when you work for a museum program within the Department of the Interior. The Interior Museum Program works to provide meaningful learning experiences for our fellow DOI museum stewards —experiences that raise the level of professionalism, enrich careers, and invest in our community of practice. Traditional classroom learning, online training, regular museum community events, peer-to-peer services, and a forum for community engagement, the Interior Museum Program strives to provide the learning resources you need to broaden your career.

Learn. Grow. Steward. Share...and Repeat!



There is a lot of knowledge in the workforce. Think about all you have learned on the job, the things you can only learn through experience. Without sharing, that knowledge goes untapped. We strive to support our community of practice so that we can learn from each other. The Interior Museum Program recognizes that most adult learning takes place peer-to-peer, colleague-to-colleague. Personal connections and personal networks are essential to a vital career. 

Museum Resources