Office of Policy, Management and Budget

PMB Overview

The Office of Policy, Management and Budget (PMB) is situated within the Office of the Secretary and is responsible for a variety of cross-cutting management and operational issues that directly affect the Department's ability to fulfill its mission. The Assistant Secretary-PMB leads the office and serves as the agency's Chief Financial Officer, Chief Acquisition Officer, and Chief Performance Officer.  

The office is broken into the following six issue areas; each is led by a Deputy Assistant Secretary.

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  • Serves as the coordinating entity for internal and external stakeholders on a myriad of issues.

    The Assistant Secretary

  • Responsible for the management of Department wide programs that support the response, clean-up, damage assessment, and restoration of lands and trust resources injured by hazardous substance releases and oil spills.

    Policy & Environmental Management

  • Coordinates the Department’s interactions with the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and the Office of Management and Budget,

    Budget, Finance, Grants & Acquisition

  • Responsible for the coordination of the equal employment, federally-assisted and -conducted, special emphasis, and affirmative employment activities and programs.

    Human Capital

  • Oversees a number of major Department-wide transformational initiatives designed to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness of Departmental operations.

    Administrative Services

  • Responsible for leadership and strategic guidance in four primary areas: law enforcement, security, intelligence, and technology.

    Public Safety, Resource Protection and Emergency Services

  • Responsible for collecting, accounting, analyzing, auditing, and disbursing revenues from energy and mineral leases and other monies owed for the utilization of public resources on the Outer Continental Shelf and onshore Federal and American Indian lands.

    Natural Resources Revenue Management

  • Organizational Chart and Social Media Outlets of the Office of Policy, Management and Budget

    Organizational Chart and Social Media