PMB Overview

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget serves as the enterprise management entity responsible for providing overall policy direction, leadership, guidance, and assistance on a broad range of management and operational issues that directly affect the Interior Department's ability to fulfill its mission. The Assistant Secretary serves in a number of statutorily designated positions and is the agency's Chief Financial Officer, Chief Acquisition Officer, Chief Human Capital Officer, and Chief Performance Officer. The Assistant Secretary also has responsibility for major operational components that support Interior-wide functions, including the Interior Business Center, Office of Valuation Services, Office of Aviation Services, Natural Resource Damage Assessment program, Central Hazardous Materials Fund, and the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program. The AS-PMB also oversees the Wildland Fire program in coordination with the three land management bureaus and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The AS-PMB plays a pivotal role in the stewardship of Interior's fiscal resources. The Assistant Secretary leads budget formulation and execution activities. The Office is responsible for financial reporting and annual audit activities. The AS-PMB serves as a driver for leveraging performance-based information into decision making and leads the development of the strategic plan, priority goals, the annual performance plans, and quarterly performance reviews. The Assistant Secretary also ensures Departmental compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements related to annual appropriations b ills and related to Department-wide functions such as performance, finance, acquisition and property management, budget, general management, administration, civil rights, and equal access.  

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