PMB Overview

Policy: PMB plays an important role in policy development, analysis and enforcement for the Department. The Assistant Secretary guides programs requiring Departmental attention due to their international or national concern, budgetary significance, legislative requirements, precedent-setting nature, or issues crossing bureau or office lines. Through its policy functions, PMB drives management reforms and administrative efficiencies and ensures standardization and cohesion across the Department.

Management:  PMB advances management reforms to align efforts among the bureaus and offices and ensure they are complementary to maximize resource sharing across Interior. The Assistant Secretary leads the development of long-term strategies to optimize mission and administrative services and empowers and supports bureau-level, regional and field-based reforms. In addition, AS-PMB is a service provider for the Department for several administrative-oriented functions.

The AS-PMB has led the development of an Inclusive Workforce Strategy that guides Department-wide efforts in creating an inclusive culture where employees are respected, quality of work life is valued, and people have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Budget: PMB plays a pivotal role in the stewardship of Interior's fiscal resources. The Assistant Secretary leads budget formulation and execution activities. The Office is responsible for financial reporting and annual audit activities. The AS-PMB serves as a driver for leveraging performance-based information into decision making and leads the development of the strategic plan, priority goals, the annual performance plans, and quarterly performance reviews. The Assistant Secretary also ensures Departmental compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements related to annual appropriations bills and related to Department-wide functions such as performance, finance, acquisition and property management, budget, general management, administration, civil rights, and equal access.


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