Human Capital

Human Capital: The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Capital serves as the Department’s Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO). The CHCO oversees Department-wide human capital programs, employee training and development, and employee health and safety. The CHCO works to improve the Department’s recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce, increase employment of veterans and person with disabilities, bring about hiring reforms to support workforce and succession planning, shorten timeframes for hiring, improve leadership and management competencies, and enrich and improve employee wellness and employee engagement to make the Department an Employer of Choice.

As the Champion for advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in the DOI Workforce, pursuant to executive order 14035, the CHCO is accountable for implementation of the DOI DEIA Strategic Plan March 2022 [pdf]


Office of Human Capital (OHC) is the premier human capital partner leading the Department of the Interior's human resource strategic planning efforts by providing policies, solutions, oversight and guidance to further the Department's overall mission and hire the best talent. The Office coordinates with the bureaus’ servicing HR offices to ensure hiring practices are free from discrimination and provide managers with the tools to recruit, retain, and reward a high-performing and diverse workforce consistent with statutes, regulations, executive orders, and departmental policies. 

Office of Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) ensures the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and visitors. The Office provides management and direction for Departmental Safety and Health Programs. The OSH develops Department-wide policies that protect lives, property, and natural resources. The OSH also facilitates the Department's decision-making process so that we can achieve a safe and healthful occupational and recreational environment for our customers - Departmental employees, volunteers, contractors, concessionaires, and the visiting public.

Office of Strategic Employee & Organizational Development (OSEOD) transforms individuals, teams, and organizations through high quality, innovative, and cost-efficient learning.  The Office delivers efficient and effective training, effectively uses technology, and builds the competency of our DOI and federal workforce. The programs offered assist with succession planning through leadership, career, professional, and workforce development. 



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