The Office of Valuation Services (OVS), codified by Departmental Manual Chapter 112 DM 33 effective December 22, 2014, supports the overall mission of The Department of the Interior (DOI) as the independent body to evaluate whether land acquisitions and dispositions are at market values, as required by law and regulation.

OVS is responsible for all real property valuation functions, including contributory values for minerals, timber, water, and other property rights as appropriate for the Department of the Interior"s four main bureaus:

This includes management, oversight, and valuation policy for the Department of the Interior.

OVS has four Bureau-focused divisions and a minerals evaluation division, Division of Minerals Evaluation. OVS has six satellite offices across the United States. With its bureau-focus and locations across the U.S., OVS is geographically and organizationally structured to provide superior service to our clients.