Photo of Wind River in Wyoming
Wind River by Ryan Taylor, Division of Minerals Evaluation
Wind River by Ryan Taylor, Division of Minerals Evaluation

Office of Valuation Services (OVS) was originally established in November 2003 as Appraisal Services Directorate (ASD) through a departmental reform of the real estate appraisal functions within The Department of the Interior (DOI).  The reform consolidated appraisers from the Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service.  

Continuing its reform mandate, in 2011, ASD was restructured to align with each of its core client groups with the DOI.  From this restructure, ASD was renamed the now Office of Valuation Services.  The restructure also aligned each client an assigned team of appraisers across the United States.  This core client group model focuses the assigned team of appraisers on one client’s projects.

Effective December 22, 2014, OVS was codified by Departmental Manual Chapter 112 DM 33 with the responsibility of management, oversight, and valuation policy for the DOI and to support the overall mission of the DOI by being the independent body to evaluate whether land acquisitions and dispositions are at market value, as required by law and regulation.  OVS also provides valuation oversight to the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST), and is supporting the valuation program for the Land Buy Back Program for Tribal Nations through the OVS Office of Minerals Evaluation and involvement of the OVS Director.

OVS does a number of real property valuation functions, including contributory values for minerals, timber, water, and other property rights as appropriate for the Department of the Interior's four main bureaus:

OVS consists of three bureau-focused divisions (Bureau of Reclamation and National Park Service are under one division), a minerals evaluation division, Division of Minerals Evaluation and a contracting branch. OVS has five satellite offices across the United States. With its bureau-focus and locations across the U.S., OVS is geographically and organizationally structured to provide superior service to our clients.

OVS Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Valuation Services is to provide independent real property valuation services in an efficient, timely, and fiscally responsible manner in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.

OVS Vision Statement

To provide credible, timely and efficient valuation services to ensure public trust in Federal real property transactions.