The Office of Civil Rights is the focal point for all civil rights, equal opportunity programs, and affirmative employment functions in the Department of the Interior. We work to develop and enforce civil rights and equal opportunity programs pursuant to existing laws, Executive Orders and regulations and to ensure equal opportunity for all Departmental employees and Federally assisted programs by the Department.

Lamar Gore- USFWS. Refuge Manager. John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Affirmative Employment Program Division promotes and ensures a diverse, accepting workplace environment.
DCA Training. Sterling, VA 2017
Fostering a diverse, inclusive and welcoming Department of the Interior.
Sacramento Recreational River, California
The Employment Complaints and Adjudication Division processes employment discrimination complaints filed by DOI employees, former employees or applicants for employment.
A National Park Service Ranger leads a bus tour.
The Public Civil Rights Division processes discrimination complaints filed in relation to any program or activity conducted by or which receives federal financial assistance from the Department of the Interior.