Potomac River, Great Falls Park

Office of Environmental Policy & Compliance

Environmental Achievement Award Winners for Fiscal Year 2021

OEPC's Vision Statement

To serve as a trusted source of Departmental leadership and guidance to ensure sustainable utilization and conservation of natural, cultural, and historical resources for current and future generations.

OEPC's Mission Statement

The Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance serves as a leader in conservation stewardship and the sustainable development and use of Department-managed resources for the benefit of the public. We form and foster partnerships to enhance resource use and protection, as well as to expand public access to safe and clean lands under the Department's jurisdiction. We strive to continually streamline environmental policies and procedures to increase management effectiveness and efficiency, reduce duplicative practices, and realize cost savings.
Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
1849 C Street, NW MS 2629
Washington, DC 20240
(202) 208-3891