The Office of Occupational Safety and Health is part of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior in Washington, DC, with a satellite office in Denver, CO. The contact information is shown below:


Office of Occupational Safety and Health Mission Statement

Office of Occupational Safety and Health Staff and Contact Info

Occupational Safety & Health Strategic Plan


Safety Management Information Systems (SMIS)

The Safety Management Information System (SMIS) is a state-of-the-art, Web-based safety information system with accident reporting, workers" compensation form filing, and data analysis features.

SafetyNet - The DOI Safety and Health Information Network

The SafetyNet provides an on-line, shared, safety and occupational health resource bank for all Interior Department bureaus and offices.

Medical Programs

The DOI Medical Program provides a one stop shopping source of medical program support for safety and human resource professionals alike. Program services include medical surveillance program development and review, medical case reviews for labor relations and medical clearance program design for arduous/hazardous occupations.