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3rd Caribbean Climate Change Conference: Promoting Climate Resilience in the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico.

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This 2-day free virtual conference will provide a platform to share information and experiences regarding the impacts, challenges, solutions, new initiatives, and opportunities that address and promote climate resilience and equity for residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

Representatives from U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico agencies, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, communities, planning boards and associations, industry, universities, natural resource managers, disaster management practitioners, teachers, and all others who are interested in climate change and  environmental/climate justice issues welcome.

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October 26, 2021 - Planning a Climate Change Conference  

For more information, you may also refer to the BIL Territorial Climate Infrastructure Workshop

On April 19-21, 2022 (dates tentative), federal agencies, governmental leaders, community practitioners, and indigenous leaders will gather virtually to discuss the consequences of climate change to the U.S. Insular Areas & Hawai’i. This meeting will align with the recent climate and environmental justice policies issued by the Administration and will build on island-related outcomes of other similar conferences such as COP26 (Oct 31, 2021—Nov 12, 2021), Our Ocean Conference in Palau (Feb 16-17, 2022), and the Guam Sustainability conference (April 4-8, 2022). During the three days, the meeting will share climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, policies, knowledge, lessons learned, challenges, and interventions to address climate-related impacts in the U.S. Insular Areas and Hawai’i, especially as they disproportionately impact historically marginalized and underserved communities. Anyone is invited to join the planning team. If interested, please send a message to


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10-25-2021 Draft Agenda Climate Change Conference Us Insular Areas Hawaii 2 [pdf]

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