Coral Reef and Natural Resources Initiative


The Coral Reef and Natural Resources (CRNR) Initiative provides grant funding for management and protection of coral reefs and to combat invasive species in the insular areas, contributing to the health of coral reef ecosystems and other natural resources for long-term economic and social benefit.

In its fiscal year 2017 proposed budget, OIA requested a $1,000,000 increase in the CRNR Initiative to support proposed actions contained within the 2015 Biosecurity Plan for Hawaii and Micronesia and other invasive species eradication efforts in the insular areas. Since then, Congress has included funding directed towards fighting invasive species under the CRNR Initiative.

 Combat Invasive Species

CRNR Grant Award Announcements (FY 2017 – present)

Funding for the Brown Tree Snake Control program is separate from CRNR.

Visit the OIA YouTube Channel for Conversations with Program Managers Coral Reef and Invasive Species Programs. 

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