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Bureau of Reclamation Water Resources Management and Protection in Insular Areas


CNMI Reports and 902 Consultations

Compact Impact and FAS Compact Reports

Department of Energy and the RMI


Economic Reporting

Environment and Climate Change

Federal Financial Assistance Region IX

Government Accountability Office

Gross Domestic Product

  • Census BEA GDP for the U.S. Territories

Hospital Assessments and Health


Single Audits By Insular Area

The OIA Budget and Management Division monitors accountability issues and tracks insular area audit resolutions, including Single Audits. One way that OIA supports the Department’s mission of Fulfilling Our Trust and Insular Responsibilities is by continuing to work actively with the U.S. Territories and the Freely Associated States to ensure their compliance with the Single Audit Act and to improve the timeliness of their audit submissions and resolution of financial statement qualifications and audit findings.

School Infrastructure in the Territories

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