The Department of the Interior museum collections, a subset of the larger personal property category, are managed and preserved under policy set in the Departmental Manual Part 411. The DOI Museum Property Directives are associated policy and procedure for all bureaus and offices of the Department. Other guidance is also provided.


Departmental Manual Part 411

Departmental Manual Part 411, "Identifying and Managing Museum Property," sets the policy for the management and preservation of museum property at the Department of the Interior. 411 DM was revised in September 2012.


DOI Museum Property Directives

The DOI Museum Property Directives are policy and procedure documents that pertain to specific aspects of the management, preservation, and documentation of DOI museum collections. These documents are in various stages of preparation. Those that are approved by the Director, Office of Acquisition and Property Management, are available for download.


DOI Museum Property Handbooks

The DOI Museum Property Handbooks were written in the 1990s to provide guidance on meeting the policy set forth in Departmental Manual Part 411. They are fully available here until superseded by the DOI Museum Property Directives.


DOI Museum Property Guidance


DOI Museum Property Guidance are documents that may be used by DOI curators, museum property management staff, and many others to assist with managing, preserving, and documenting DOI museum collections.