Interior Collections Management System

The Interior Collections Management System (ICMS) is a commercial off-the-shelf software system configured for the Department of Interior (DOI). This database management system was developed to accession and catalog DOI museum collections. In addition, the system includes multiple functions covering documentation, preservation and use of collections.

The ICMS User Manual is available below for users from all DOI bureaus and offices and their partner repositories. Each section, chapter, and appendix is available as a PDF file.

ICMS User Manual
Title Page
Table of Contents
Quick Reference
Chapter 1: System Basics
Chapter 2: I. Cataloging an Archeology Object
Chapter 2: II. Cataloging Archival/Manuscript Collections
Chapter 2: III. Cataloging an Ethnology Object
Chapter 2: IV. Cataloging a History Object
Chapter 2: V. Cataloging a Biology Specimen
Chapter 2: VI. Cataloging a Geology Specimen
Chapter 2: VII. Cataloging a Paleontology Specimen
Chapter 3: Supplemental Records
Chapter 4: Associated Modules
Chapter 5: Printing and Reports
Chapter 6: Data Entry and Advanced Editing
Chapter 7: Finding and Grouping Records
Chapter 8: Moving and Sharing Data
Chapter 9: Tools
Appendix A: System Requirements
Appendix B: Installation and Setup
Appendix C: Functional Cross-Reference
Appendix D: Public Search
Appendix E: Lexicons
Appendix F: Archives Module
Appendix G: Imaging and Multimedia
Appendix H: The Collections Management Report
Appendix I: The Automated Inventory Program
Appendix J: The Automated Checklist Program
Appendix K: Support
Appendix X: Web Catalog