List of Artisans

Whima:Lyo Creations

I make earrings, necklaces, and stuffed animals with glass beads, abalone, pine nut shells, ceder berries, dentalium shells, and braided bear grass. I make everyday jewelry and traditional dance regalia for Hoopa, Yurok, and Karuk Tribes.

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Cedar & Brass Co.

Native Artisan jewelry, traditionally hand crafted necklaces, and hair wraps from locally cultivated Indigenous resources.

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Milford Calamity Jewelry

Milford Calamity is a self-taught Navajo silversmith who works with sterling silver, copper, gold, turquoise, as well as a variety of exotic stones. He loves to exaggerate shapes, textures and colors in his work. He takes pride in incorporating contemporary art with traditional Navajo silversmith techniques. Between traditional sand-casting and silver wire fabricating, Milford aims to bring a fresh new look to the Indigenous jewelry market. He brings an exotic approach to metal work as he utilizes various techniques he’s learned over the years.

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