List of Artisans


Jewelry, specialty is earrings, contemporary and whimsical designs. Also more traditional designs using seed beads, dentalium, and buckskin. Wholesale. Call or write for more information.

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Lois Chichinoff Thadei

Prints, metalsmithing, pottery, and weavings.

Works are produced seasonally, frequently using materials that must be harvested at specific times of the year. Most work is contemporary founded on traditional artistic practices of the Far North Pacific Rim.

All pieces are graphic storytelling of Tribal, family, and life stories.

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Makah Cultural Research Center

Woven baskets and mats, including replicas of works excavated from Ozette archaeological site; carved wooden masks, totem poles, rattles, and bowls; jewelry consisting of strung olivella shells, engraved silver bracelets, miniature woven basket earrings; painted drums; beadwork; original serigraphs.

Send stamped self-addressed business-size envelope for price list.

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Antler Basketry


I make unique antler baskets primarily using deer, elk, and moose antlers. The baskets are woven using mixed media. The media I use include reed, dyed reed, hemp, sisal, and various types of yarns, etc.

Special orders accepted. Credit cards accepted.

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Dennis Harnden

Native American photographer. Works includes giclee prints, portraits, nature and commercial photography.

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James Kelly

I am an Iroquois-raised contemporary beadwork artist who instill Iroquois history and culture into my artworks. My beadwork has been exhibited and displayed at the James Watrous Gallery (Madison, WI), the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, the Scarabocchio Art Museum (Steven’s Point, WI), and Oshkosh Public Museum.

I am a review panelist for the Woodland Indian Arts Initiative and available for programs and workshops.  

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