Our Museums

The Indian Arts and Crafts Board operates three regional museums:

- Sioux Indian Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota

- Museum of the Plains Indian, Browning, Montana

- Southern Plains Indian Museum, Anadarko, Oklahoma

These museums play a role in promoting authentic Indian arts and crafts through their permanent exhibitions, changing promotional sales exhibitions, and public educational activities.  The museum staff serves as advocates to educate the public on the Act and to encourage submission of valid complaints of violations under the Act.

The museums serve as major economic, cultural, and educational attractions in their respective regions.  The museums enjoy strong tribal support and are staging points for regional and national promotions for the economic benefit of emerging Indian artists and artisans.  Annually the museums are increasing access to museum property through visitation at the museums, loans to other institutions, and website visitors.

To learn more about our collections, please visit this page for featured artworks.

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