Staff Directory

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Office of Subsistence Management

Assistant Regional Director, Gene Peltola   907-786-3472
Deputy Assistant Regional Director, VACANT
Native Liaison, Orville Lind   907-786-3953  
Policy Coordinator,  Amee Howard   907-786-3688
State Subsistence Liaison, George Pappas   907-786-3822
Secretary, Pam Raygor   907-786-3484

Regulatory Affairs

Supervisor/Regulations Specialist, Theo Matuskowitz   907-786-3867
Subsistence Outreach Coordinator/Public Affairs, Deborah Coble   907-786-3880
Permit Specialist, Derek Hildreth   907-786-3877
Administrative Record Specialist, Kayla McKinney   907-786-3548
Administrative Assistant - VACANT

Wildlife Division

Supervisor, Paul (Chris) McKee   907-786-3572
Wildlife Biologist, Lisa Maas   907-786-3357
Wildlife Biologist, Tom Evans   907-786-3814
Wildlife Biologist, Suzanne Worker   907-786-3947

Anthropology Division

Supervisor, Jennifer Hardin   907-786-3677
Social Scientist, VACANT
Anthropologist, Pippa Kenner   907-786-3883
Anthropologist, Robbin LaVine   907-786-3353
Anthropologist, Palma Ingles   907-786-3870

Fisheries Division

Supervisor, Stewart Cogswell   907-786-3824
Fisheries Biologist/Partners, Karen Hyer   907-786-3689
Fisheries Biologist, Don Rivard 907-786-3882
Fisheries Biologist, VACANT
Fisheries Biologist, VACANT
Biological Technician, VACANT

Council Coordination Division

Supervisor/RAC Specialist, Carl Johnson   907-786-3676
Council Coordinator, Zach Stevenson   907-786-3674
Council Coordinator, Eva Patton   907-786-3358
Council Coordinator, Donald Mike   907-786-3629
Council Coordinator, Karen Deatherage   907-786-3564
Council Coordinator, Katerina Wessels 907-786-3885
Administrative Assistant, Glenn Westdahl   907-786-3952

Information Resources and Administrative Division

Supervisor, Tom Kron   907-786-3604
Information Technology Specialist, VACANT
Administrative Specialist, Karie Crow   907-786-3387
Grants Management Specialist, VACANT
Budget Analyst, Durand Tyler   907-786-3886
Purchasing Agent, VACANT