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Office of Subsistence Management

Assistant Regional Director (Acting) - Crystal Leonetti  907-786-3888, crystal_leonetti@fws.gov
Deputy Assistant Regional Director - Amee Howard  907-744-3824, amee_howard@fws.gov
Executive Secretary - Glenn Westdahl  907-786-3325glenn_westdahl@fws.gov
Native Liaison - Orville Lind   907-786-3953, orville_lind@fws.gov  
Policy Coordinator - Robbin La Vine   907-786-3353robbin_lavine@fws.gov  
State Subsistence Liaison - George Pappas   907-786-3822george_pappas@fws.gov
Regulatory Affairs Division
Supervisor/Regulations Specialist - Theo Matuskowitz   907-786-3867theo_matuskowitz@fws.gov
Subsistence Outreach Coordinator/Public Affairs - vacant
Permit Specialist - Derek Hildreth   907-786-3877derek_hildreth@fws.gov
Administrative Record Specialist - vacant

Wildlife Division

Supervisor - Lisa Grediagin   907-786-3357lisa_grediagin@fws.gov
Wildlife Biologist - Tom Plank  (907) 786-3394, thomas_plank@fws.gov
Wildlife Biologist - Brian Ubelaker  (907) 727-3174brian_ubelaker@fws.gov
Wildlife Biologist - Kendra Holman  (907) 786-3387kendra_holman@fws.gov
Cartographer, - Janel Dayjanel_day@fws.gov

Anthropology Division

Supervisor - Brent Vickers 907-538-2827, jonathan_vickers@fws.gov
Anthropologist - Pippa Kenner   907-786-3883pippa_kenner@fws.gov
Anthropologist - Hannah Voorhees   907-786-3364, hannah_voorhees@fws.gov
Anthropologist - Liz Williams 907-786-3888, ann_williams@fws.gov
Anthropologist - Jason Roberts 907-786-3888, jason_roberts@fws.gov
Anthropology Pathways Student Intern - Kristen Morrow 907-786-3888, kristen_morrow@fws.gov
Fisheries Division
Supervisor - Scott Ayers  907-744-3824, scott_ayers@fws.gov
Fisheries Biologist/Partners - Karen Hyer   907-786-3689karen_hyer@fws.gov
Fisheries Bio907-744-3824logist - Jarred Stone  907-310-9487jarred_stone@fws.gov
Fisheries Biologist - Cory Graham  907-786-3947cory_graham@fws.gov
Fisheries Biologist - Kevin Foley 907-782-6331, kevin_foley@fws.gov
Fisheries Biologist - Justin Koller 907-891-0355, justin_koller@fws.gov
Grants Management Specialist - Michelle St. Peters 907-786-3691michelle_stpeters@fws.gov

Council Coordination Division
Supervisor - Katerina (Katya) Wessels, 907-786-3885katerina_wessels@fws.gov
Council Coordinator (Southeast Alaska Regions) - DeAnna Perry907-209-7817deanna.perry@usda.gov
Council Coordinator (Kodiak/Aleutians and Northwest Arctic Regions) - Lisa Hutchinson-Scarbrough, 907-310-4097, lisa_hutchinson@fws.gov
Council Coordinator (Southcentral and Western Interior Regions) - Nissa Pilcher907-891-9054nissa_pilcher@fws.gov
Council Coordinator (Bristol Bay Region) - Leigh Honig, 907-891-9053leigh_honig@fws.gov
Council Coordinator (Eastern Interior and Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Regions) - Brooke McDavid, 907-891-9181brooke_mcdavid@fws.gov
Council Coordinator (Seward Peninsula and North Slope Regions) - Gisela Chapa, 907-786-3676ana_chapa@fws.gov
Administrative Division
Supervisor, Karie Crow907-786-3521karie_crow@fws.gov
Admin Assistant, Sherri Gould-Fehrs, 907-505-9047, sherri_gould-fehrs@fws.gov
Admin Support Assistant, Becky Brown, 907-786-3882, rebecca_brown@fws.gov
Admin Support Assistant, Bernard Shavings,  907-786-3994,   bernard_shavings@fws.gov

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