Fisheries Special Actions

A Special Action Request is an out-of-cycle change in a season, harvest limit, or method of harvest. Special Actions are taken when unusual situations arise, such as a significant change in resource abundance that could not reasonably have been anticipated. The Federal Subsistence Board may take a Special Action to restrict, close, open, or reopen the taking of fish and wildlife on Federal public lands and waters. Such actions are taken to ensure the continued viability of a particular fish or wildlife population, to ensure continued subsistence use, or for reasons of public safety. These guidelines and requirements can be found in 36 CFR 242.19 and 50 CFR 100.19.

View informational flyer on submitting a Special Action Request.

The table below contains information on fisheries special actions currently in effect.

Effective Date





Expires 06/10/2024

Kuskokwim River News Release Kuskokwim River fishing opportunities. 

06/01/2024, 8:00 p.m. for Coastal District and Y-1; 06/03/2024, 8:00 p.m. for Y-2

Expires 07/30/2024

Yukon River Special Action Yukon Area Salmon Fishery Closure in Coastal District, and Districts 1 & 2
06/01/2024 Expires 08/31/2024 Kuskokwim River Special Action Kuskokwim River Federal Public Waters Closed to Gill Nets and the Harvest of Chinook, Chum, and Coho Salmon.
06/01/2024 Expires 09/30/2024 Yukon River News Release  News release describing the 2024 Federal preseason subsistence fishery management strategy for the Yukon Area.
05/15/2024 Expires 06/20/2024 Stikine River

News Release


Special Action

The Stikine River Federal subsistence Chinook fishery will be closed May 15 - June 20, 2024.  
06/01/2024 Expires 07/30/2024 Situk River

News Release


Special Action 

The Situk River will be closed to the harvest of Chinook Salmon for conservation concerns.  The use of bait and gillnets is prohibited in the Situk River when fishing for other species during the closure to minimize incidental mortality of Chinook Salmon. 
06/01/2024 Expires 09/30/2024 or until reopened by Federal fisheries manager Yukon River News Release Federal public waters of the Yukon River drainage are closed to the harvest of Chinook, summer and fall Chum, and Coho salmon except by federally qualified subsistence users. 
Expires 06/30/2024 
Kuskokwim River News Release  Kanektok River drainage closed to the harvest of Chinook and Chum salmon except by federally qualified subsistence users during June 2023 and 2024. 


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