The Federal Subsistence Management Program divides Alaska into 10 subsistence resource regions. Each region is represented by a Subsistence Regional Advisory Council.  Each Council usually conducts two public meetings a year in the fall and in the winter.  For dates of the scheduled meetings see the linked calendars below:


These 10 Councils provide an opportunity for rural Alaskans to contribute in a meaningful way to the management of subsistence resources. All rural Alaskan resource/subsistence users have the opportunity to comment and offer input on subsistence issues at Council meetings.  Each Council meets at least twice a year.  They meet to develop proposals to change Federal subsistence regulations, review proposals submitted by others, and provide an open forum for public expressions, opinions, and concerns regarding any matter related to subsistence.

  1. Southeast Alaska
  2. Southcentral Alaska
  3. Kodiak/Aleutians
  4. Bristol Bay
  5. Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
  6. Western Interior Alaska
  7. Seward Peninsula
  8. Northwest Arctic
  9. Eastern Interior Alaska
  10. North Slope

Overview of Council Member Roles and Responsibilities

Regions Teams 122122 [pdf]

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