About the Program

The Department of the Interior supports the implementation of proactive sustainable and environmental practices in order to carry out its mission to protect and manage the nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage. The Sustainability Program works to track and continuously improve social, economic and environmental performance through collaboration across all Department offices and bureaus, implementing directives and goals in Executive Orders, statutes, regulations and other federal policies and requirements.

Sustainability Goals for the Department

The Department strategically develops its sustainability goals to align with instructions in current Executive Orders, statutes and Administration policies. President Biden's EO 14057, Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability, lays out a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to transform federal procurement and operations, secure a transition to clean energy and sustainable technologies and create clean, healthy and resilient communities. The Office of the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Council on Environmental Quality is leading implementation of Executive Order 14057. The CSO leads development of policies, programs and partnerships to advance sustainability and climate resilience across Federal operations.

In accordance with this Executive Order, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland issued Secretary’s Order 3407, Department-Wide Approach to Reducing Plastic Pollution, which aims to reduce the procurement, sale and distribution of single-use plastic products with the goal of phasing out these products on Department-managed lands by 2032.

How the Program Supports These Goals

Strategic Planning and Reporting

The Department prepares an annual Sustainability Strategic Plan, which presents our progress in energy and water conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, fleet electrification and other performance objectives set forth in statutes and Executive Orders. The Office of Management and Budget is required to publish agency progress and scorecards on Federal agency performance on energy efficiency and sustainability. The Department’s Sustainability Program integrates climate change risk, mitigation, adaptation and resilience in policies, planning, programs and operations and adopts the institutional approaches in the Department’s Climate Action Plan.

The Department’s plans and progress toward sustainability goals can be viewed at

Environmental Achievement Awards

The 2023 Environmental Achievement Awards Publication 1 [pdf]
recognize Department of the Interior employees, teams and partners for exceptional natural and cultural resource conservation achievements. The Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance Administers these annual Department-level Honor awards that include up to eight areas of achievement. 

Additional Information on DOI's Sustainability Programs