Bryan Arroyo - Deputy Director


As the Deputy Director, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, Mr. Arroyo supports the office’s efforts in directing and coordinating Departmental environmental policy to achieve Department-wide compliance with the full range of applicable environmental laws and regulations. He provides leadership and guidance for Departmental implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act and for coordinating the Department’s review of the environmental and natural resources aspects of non-Interior projects. He oversees the Department’s Central Hazardous Materials Fund, serves as the Department’s alternate representative on the National Response Team and provides guidance and coordination of Departmental responses for oil and hazardous materials spills. He also oversees the Department’s activities to protect and recover natural and cultural resources, and historic properties during emergency response actions.

With 27 years of experience, Bryan has served at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Senior Executive as Assistant Director for International Affairs, Assistant Director for Fisheries and Habitat Conservation and Assistant Director for Endangered Species. In these positions he has been the national lead for the Service’s coordination of domestic and international strategies to protect, restore and enhance the world’s diverse wildlife and their habitats with a focus on species of domestic and international concern.  He has worked closely with Federal agencies, States and Native American tribes, foreign governments and non-governmental organizations around the globe to conserve species and habitats at risk.

Bryan attended the public school system in Puerto Rico, graduating from Ponce High School.  He has a bachelor’s degree in science from Catholic University of Puerto Rico and a master’s degree in science with a major in zoology from the University of Arkansas. His wife Enidza is an elementary school teacher and they have two daughters, Nicole and Hazel.  He enjoys fishing, hiking, and nature photography as hobbies.


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