Disaster Response and Recovery

Environmental Response and Recovery

The Department of the Interior (DOI) leads coordination efforts to safeguard the Nation’s natural and cultural resources and historic properties in the aftermath of catastrophic disasters and emergencies. The Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC) is designated as the coordination office for the Department, and coordinates with DOI bureaus and Federal interagency partners to support Federal, State, Tribal, and Territorial efforts to protect natural and cultural resources. As the designated Office for the Department, OEPC has three principal responsibilities:

  • Departmental lead for preparedness and response to oil spills and hazardous substances releases under CERCLA, the Oil Pollution Act, and the Clean Water Act, and Emergency Support Function (ESF) #10 of the National Response Framework.
  • Federal government’s lead for the recovery of natural and cultural resources nationwide, under the Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Support Function (NCR RSF) of the National Disaster Recovery Framework.
  • Primary Agency under Emergency Support Function #11 (ESF) Agriculture and Natural Resources of the National Response Framework, and coordinating agency for the protection of natural and cultural resources and historic properties role of ESF #11.

Disaster Response and Recovery Resources 

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