Director's Office

The Director supervises all functions of the Office and reports to the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget.

The headquarters office is organized into three teams. Each Regional Office is headed by a Regional Environmental Officer who reports to the Director and is responsible for all environmental functions within its region.  They serve as a Departmental coordinator and an independent source of information and analysis to the Office of the Secretary.

The Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance:

  • Provides national and regional leadership and direction in the coordination and development of environmental policy and program evaluation
  • Provides for a coordinated and unified approach and response to environmental issues that affect multiple bureaus to ensure that the Department of the Interior speaks as one entity with respect to those issues
  • Provides guidance for the Department's compliance with the full range of existing environmental statutes, executive orders, regulations and other requirements
  • Provides independent environmental and technical advice to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget and other senior Departmental officials
  • Acts as an advocate, both inside and outside of the Department, for programs that enable bureaus to accomplish their missions in an efficient and effective manner

These missions are met nationwide through the OEPC headquarters and Regional Offices. The Office provides the only technologically-based staff in the Office of the Secretary that advises the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget, and other top Departmental officials about policies, programs and individual actions affecting natural resources and environmental quality.




Stephen G. Tryon Director 202-208-3891

Laura Fleming

Deputy Director


  Director's Team  

Brittney Smith

Administrative Program Manager


Lajuan Randolph

Program Support Assistant





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