Stephen G. Tryon - Director

Steve Tryon is the Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC) at the U.S. Department of the Interior. He joined OEPC as its Deputy Director in 2019, after spending nearly 20 years with the Bureau of Land Management, and another seven years with the Department and with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. At BLM, Steve served most recently as Deputy Assistant Director, Resources and Planning, where he led policy development and allocated budgets to about two-thirds of BLM’s programs. Prior to that he worked as a Field Manager in Oklahoma and as an Assistant District Manager in Nevada. Before that, he served in a series of jobs in Washington, DC, including acting BLM Budget Officer.

Steve joined the Federal Service in 1993 as Presidential Management Intern. He holds two Master’s degrees from the University of Washington and Bachelor’s of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

The Director, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance, is the principal official responsible for:

  • Directing and coordinating Departmental environmental policy to achieve Department-wide compliance with the full range of applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • Providing leadership and guidance for Departmental implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act and for coordinating the Department’s review of the environmental and natural resources aspects of non-Interior projects;
  • Providing leadership and guidance to ensure the Department achieves its sustainability goals;
  • Overseeing the Department’s Central Hazardous Materials Fund;
  • Serving as the Department’s representative on the National Response Team and providing guidance and coordination of Departmental responses for oil and hazardous materials spills; and
  • Overseeing the Department’s activities to protect and recover natural and cultural resources and historic properties during emergency response actions.

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