Environmental Compliance and Cleanup Division (ECCD)

General Information​

Within the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance (OEPC), the Environmental Compliance and Cleanup Division (ECCD) provides policy and guidance, as well as funding in some program areas to promote the advancement of Departmental priorities and compliance with federal regulations. The ECCD is also responsible for ensuring Environmental Compliance throughout the Department’s Bureaus and Offices, while overseeing the Abandoned Hardrock Mine Reclamation (AHMR) Program, the Central Hazardous Materials Fund (CHF), the Environmental and Disposal Liabilities (EDL) Program, and the Sustainability Program.​

  • AHMR Program

    Section 40704 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act directed the Secretary of the Interior to establish an Abandoned Hardrock Mine Reclamation Program to address abandoned hardrock mines on Federal, State, Tribal, local, and private land that has been affected by past hardrock mining activities, and water resources that traverse or are contiguous to such land.
  • Central Hazardous Materials Fund

    The CHF supports project management, site characterization, and cleanup actions at the Department’s highest priority contaminated sites following the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) process.
  • Environmental and Disposal Liabilities

    The EDL Program is a financial reporting process that estimates the Department’s future outflow of resources related to environmental liabilities. EDL reporting is required by the Federal Financial Accounting Standard Number 5 and is recorded annually as part of the Department’s financial statement.
  • Sustainability

    The Sustainability Program works to track and continuously improve social, economic, and environmental performance through collaboration across all Department Bureaus and Offices, implementing directives and goals in Executive Orders, statutes, regulations and other federal policies and requirements. Areas included in the Program are energy and water conservation, greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction, waste diversion, and single-use plastics reduction.
  • Environmental Achievement Awards

    The Environmental Achievement Awards recognize Department employees, teams, and DOI partners who have attained exceptional environmental achievements.