Environmental Review Team Contacts

Name Issues Portfolio Telephone
Carol Braegelmann
Team Leader; State Department and other International Issues; Department of Homeland Security (FEMA, CBP, TSA, etc.); Department of Transportation (FHWA, FTA, FRA) 202-208-6661
Lisa C. Treichel Department of Energy; Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Department of Agriculture (FS, FSA, RUS, NRCS, APHIS, etc.); National Aeronautics and Space Administration; General Services Administration; Bureau of Prisons; Department of Housing and Urban Development; Environmental Protection Agency (NPDES, and radiation); Transportation (Fuel Economy, Transmission Lines, FAA, NHTSA); Surface Transportation Board; Department of the Treasury 202-208-7116

Cheryl Kelly

Department of Defense: Army (including USACE), Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard; Tennessee Valley Authority; Environmental Protection Agency (air, inland and marine waters, and noise) 202-208-7565
Shawn K. Alam Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (hydroelectric projects, hydroelectric rulemaking; gas pipeline permitting and gas rulemaking); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (fisheries, marine sanctuaries, coastal zone management, marine mammals); Environmental Protection Agency (ocean dumping); Department of Homeland Security (USCG) 202-208-5465
Kathleen Chiang   202-208-5939

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