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Additional Resources (A-Z)

The alphabetical list below contains links to some of the key resources available to Department of the Interior employees. To recommend additions or changes to this list, please contact us.

  • Access Card Program (Employee/Contractor ID Cards) - This site provides a single place for access-card holders and supervisors to view and manage DOI access cards. Related: USAccess Program; DOI HSPD-12 Directives.
  • Access Center - DOI's Access Center supports employees with disabilities by determining the appropriate assistive technology and ergonomic solutions they need to gain equal access to information technology. 
  • BisonConnect - BisonConnect serves as the email system for DOI employees. Employees can also access it by clicking on the BisonConnect icon on their desktop. Related: Tips and Tricks; Support.
  • Careers - The My DOI Career tool helps current and prospective employees understand career opportunities, starting with 25 occupations representing 50% of DOI employees. My DOI Career will continue to be enhanced throughout Fiscal Year 2020 to add additional occupation information.
  • Core Plus/Workplace Conflict Management - DOI's Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, Core Plus, provides impartial and confidential assistance to any employee seeking to improve or resolve a workplace issue or concern. Related: EEO Complaint Procedures.
  • Digital Signage - The digital signage at the entrances to the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building are crafted of vertically mounted HD monitors in a 9x16 aspect ratio.
  • DOI Talent - DOI Talent is the department-wide training registration system where employees can register for and access required and elective training, including training at DOI University.
    • Please contact the Department of the Interior's Customer Support Center:
    • Phone: 1-888-367-1622, menu option 3, then 6 (Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 5:30 pm, Mountain)
    • Email:
  • Electronic Library of Interior Policies - The ELIPS serves as the official library for DOI policies, procedures, programs, and functions (including bureaus and offices). 
  • Electronic Official Personnel Folder - This site provides DOI employees with access to electronic versions of their paper Official Personnel Folders. Related: FAQs and access to EOPFs via
  • Emergency-Preparedness Information for Employees - This site features DOI emergency contacts and plans, as well as the operating status for Washington, D.C., and other areas. Related: D.C. operating status via;
  • Employee Assistance Program - DOI's Employee Assistance Program offers professional, confidential counseling and consultation to help employees resolve work/life issues. Employees can access EAP at all times at (800) 869-0276. Related: DOI Human Resources.
  • Employee Express - Employee Express makes it possible for employees to view and update their payroll information, including address, tax withholdings, health coverage, direct deposit, financial allotments, Leave and Earnings Statement, Thrift Savings Plan, and more.
  • Equal Opportunity Employment Complaints - This Office of Civil Rights site explains the steps DOI employees must follow to file EEO complaints. Related: Core Plus Program; Administrative Grievance Procedures.
  • Ethics - This DOI site features an online ethics guide for employees, contact information, forms and more.
  • Facilities, Administrative and Support Services for Main Interior Building  - This site includes information on DOI and other services at MIB/SIB. 
  • Forms
  • Human Resources Information - This DOI site includes information on HR topics and forms, DOI's Employee Assistance Program, an SES toolbox and more. Related: ELIPS, OPM Resources for Federal Employees.
  • Information Technology - The Office of the Chief Information Officer provides leadership to DOI in all areas of information management and technology. Related OCIO site: DOI System Status.
  • Integrated Charge Card Program - This Office of Acquisition and Property management site provides links to training and guides related to DOI's Integrated Charge Card Program for travel, purchases, and fleet.
  • IT Storefront (VPN required) - The DOI IT Storefront’s purpose is to streamline the Department’s purchasing processes by implementing a modern, web-based portal for accessing standard IT product catalogs.
  • Jobs - This DOI site includes information on the primary occupations within DOI, employee benefits, veterans-employment programs and student-employment opportunities. Related: USA Jobs.
  • Museum - This site features information about Museum tours, collections and events highlighting DOI's mission, history, art and more.
  • Office of Inspector General's Hotline - This site provides employees with ways to report fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct or mismanagement involving DOI. 
  • Office of Personnel Management Resources - This OPM site contains resources to assist employees during their time with the federal government. Key links:
  • Payroll Schedule - This Interior Business Center page features downloadable payroll schedules from 2006 to 2025.
  • QuickTime (Time and Attendance) - This Interior Business Center site features information on QuickTime, the web-based system that DOI employees must use to submit their time and attendance. Remote Access: DOI Apps Store.
  • Safety Management Information System - SMIS is DOI’s automated system for reporting accidents that involve DOI employees, volunteers, contractors or visitors to DOI facilities.
  • SafetyNet - DOI's Safety and Health Information Network, or SafetyNet, provides an online, shared, safety and occupational health resource bank for all DOI bureaus and offices.
  • Security - To contact DOI's Security Operations Office at Main Interior, call (202) 208-5803.
  • Telework - This site contains fact sheets, forms, training, and contact information for DOI's Telework program.
  • Thrift Savings Plan - The Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is a defined contribution retirement savings plan for federal employees. This site offers secure access to account information, planning tips and more.
  • Transportation Subsidy - This site contains fact sheets, forms, training, and contacts for DOI's Transportation Subsidy Benefit program for employees.
  • Travel - This Office of Financial Management site provides DOI employees with guidance on government travel. Key links:
    • Policy - includes updates and GSA per diem rates
    • E-Travel - includes, tips, contacts, and FAQs.
  • Workers' Compensation Program - This DOI site provides information, including compensation benefits, related to employees who have sustained a work-related illness or injury. Related: Safety Management Information System.

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