Additional Resources (A-Z)

The alphabetical list below contains links to some of the key resources available to Department of the Interior employees. To recommend additions or changes to this list, please contact us.

  • Payroll Schedule - This Interior Business Center page features downloadable payroll schedules from 2006 to 2025.
  • QuickTime (Time and Attendance) - This Interior Business Center site features information on QuickTime, the web-based system that DOI employees must use to submit their time and attendance. Remote Access: DOI Apps Store.
  • Safety Management Information System - SMIS is DOI’s automated system for reporting accidents that involve DOI employees, volunteers, contractors or visitors to DOI facilities.
  • SafetyNet - DOI's Safety and Health Information Network, or SafetyNet, provides an online, shared, safety and occupational health resource bank for all DOI bureaus and offices.
  • Security - To contact DOI's Security Operations Office at Main Interior, call (202) 208-5803.
  • Telework - This site contains fact sheets, forms, training, and contact information for DOI's Telework program.
  • Thrift Savings Plan - The Thrift Savings Plan or TSP is a defined contribution retirement savings plan for federal employees. This site offers secure access to account information, planning tips and more.
  • Transportation Subsidy - This site contains fact sheets, forms, training, and contacts for DOI's Transportation Subsidy Benefit program for employees.
  • Travel - This Office of Financial Management site provides DOI employees with guidance on government travel. Key links:
  • Policy - includes updates and GSA per diem rates
  • E-Travel - includes, tips, contacts, and FAQs.
  • Virtual Private Network or VPN (Remote Access) - Pulse Secure (This link only works within the Interior network, or if you're already on the VPN) provides employees with secure, remote access to the DOI network.
  • Workers' Compensation Program - This DOI site provides information, including compensation benefits, related to employees who have sustained a work-related illness or injury. Related: Safety Management Information System.