Digital Signage

The digital signage at the entrance and basement of the Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building are vertically mounted HD monitors in a 9x16 aspect ratio.

The OS Office of Communications get many submissions of images that are in a 3x4 aspect ratio.  To fill the empty box within our display screen, we require images of 1080x1920 pixels.

  • Please do not stretch a 3x4 image to 9x16. ; It results in a distorted image, which is not accepted. Also, please don't wrap a black background around 3x4 signage to make it look 9x16. It results in content crammed into a small space and visually less apealing.
  • Please construct a 1080x1920 image (no PDF or PPT).

Photo editor tools

Use a photo editing tool to help construck your image. is a free online editor (fully approved for use by OS/OCO/SOL/Privacy). The result should be a 1080x1920 non-distorted image. 


Video is currently not supported on the monitors.


Offices and Bureaus are limited to one sign at a time.  Be sure that your image:

  1. is clear and uncluttered
  2. uses as little text as possible (note: your sign will appear for about 11 seconds),
  3. uses large sans-serif fonts when text is unavoidable, 
  4. uses high-contrast font/background colors:
    •  white text on black background = good
    • ;black text on dark blue background = bad.
    • orange text on yellow background = unacceptable
  5. avoid white backgrounds 
  6. Use a contrast checker to see if your colors are compliant.  
  7. avoids use of corporate logos or any imagery your office does not own the rights to.


Please submit request at least 72 hours of lead time with your image submission. 

Where to send images?


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