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Financial Management Memoranda

FY 2014

FMM 2014-011 Issuance of Revised TDY Travel Policy
FMM 2014-011 Attachment - DOI TDY Travel Policy
FMM 2014-011 Attachment - TDY FMMs to Cancel


FY 2013

FMM 2013-012 Issuance of Revised PCS Policy Handbook

FMM 2013-009 GovTrip Trip Purpose Code Modifications and Eliminations

FMM 2013-005 Waiver for Actual Expense Per Diem for Official Travel to Tri-State Area


FY 2012

FMM 2012-027 Clarification on the Guidance on Rental Car Use

FMM 2012-026 Contract City Pair Program (CPP) Fares - 48 Hour Reservation Cancellation Rule

FMM 2012-025 The Usage of T-Enter on ETS Vouchers

FMM 2012-021 Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Use of a POV

FMM 2012-013 Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change

FMM 2012-001 Guidance on the Use of GovTrip and SATO


FY 2011

FMM 2011-026 Purchase of Medical Evacuation Insurance for International Travel

FMM 2011-025 Implementation of the Government Relocation Advisory Board Recommendations for Federal Travel Regulations

FMM 2011-024 Purchase of Global Entry Pass while on International Travel

FMM 2011-023 Clarification on Approving Rental Car Upgrades for Official Travel

FMM 2011-022 Office of the Secretary Official Travel Delegations of Authority

FMM 2011-022 Delegations of Authority for Specific Travel Expenses

FMM 2011-021 Clarification on Temporary Quarters Eligibility for Relocation

FMM 2011-020 Clarification on the Use of Non-Refundable Air Transportation Tickets

FMM 2011-019 Use of a Rental Car and Authorized Expenses

FMM 2011-018 Permanent Change of Station Lump Sum Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement

FMM 2011-017 Permanent Change of Station Mileage Rate Reimbursement Change

FMM 2011-015 Use of Premium Class Transportation Reasonably Accommodate Persons with Disabilities

FMM 2011-007 Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships for Permanent Change of Station

FMM 2011-004 Clarification on Reduced Per Diem for Extended TDY

FMM 2011-003 Travel Delegations of Authority - OS


FY 2010

FMM 2010-028 Permanent Change of Station Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change

FMM 2010-027 Personally Owned Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Rate Change

FMM 2010-021 Premium (Business) Class Travel Reporting

FMM 2010-020 GovTrip Federal Agency Travel Administrator Role


FY 2009

FMM 2009-104 M&IE Meal Deduction Rule Clarification

FMM 2009-103 Reporting of Qualified (deductible) Relocation Reimbursements

FMM 2009-102 M&IE Reimbursement for TDY Travel of more than 12 hours but less than 24 hours

FMM 2009-101 Reimbursement of Valet Parking Charges

FMM 2009-098 Relocation-Mileage Rate Adjustment for En Route POV Mileage

FMM 2009-086 Conference and Meeting Planning - Location Considerations

FMM 2009-079 Permanent Change of Station En Route Mileage1

FMM 2009-072 Secure Flight Program

FMM 2009-071 North Dakota - Actual Expense Per Diem

FMM 2009-069 Conference Approvals and Reporting Attachment Addendum

FMM 2009-067 Reporting of Delinquent Travel Advances as Taxable Income

FMM 2009-066 Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-264)

FMM 2009-065 Travel and Transportation Act - Revised Procedures

FMM 2009-064 Use of Frequent Traveler Benefits - Travel Advisory 5

FMM 2009-063 Travel Guidance for Year End and Beginning of New Fiscal Year

FMM 2009-062 Travel During Periods Covered by a Continuing Resolution Authority

FMM 2009-061 Use of United States Flag Carriers

FMM 2009-060 Guidance for Planning and Performing Official Travel During Periods of Conflict

FMM 2009-059 First Class and Business Class Travel - Addendum

FMM 2009-058 Travel of an Employee with Special Needs - Services of Attendants

FMM 2009-057 First Class and Business Class Travel

FMM 2009-056 TDY or Relocation Travel of Employees Impacted by Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike

FMM 2009-055 Income Tax Reimbursement Allowance (ITRA)

FMM 2009-054 Reimbursement for Use of POV

FMM 2009-053 Reporting Per Diem Payments as Taxable Income

FMM 2009-052 Contracting for Relocation Services - FTR Amendment 62

FMM 2009-051 Rules of Procedure for Transportation Rate Cases and Rules of Procedure for Travel and Relocation Expenses Cases

FMM 2009-049 Obligation of Permanent Change of Station Travel Orders

FMM 2009-048 Permanent Change of Station Policy Guide

FMM 2009-047 Change in En Route Mileage Allowance for Permanent Change of Station

FMM 2009-046 Property Management Services

FMM 2009-045 Price Increase in Travel Reservation and Voucher Processing Transactions - Northrop Gumman GovTrip

FMM 2009-044 Mandatory Use of Travel Management System (TMS)

FMM 2009-043 Revised Procedures for Authorizing and Processing Travel Vouchers of Senior Officials

FMM 2009-042 Airline Food-for-Purchase Program Guidance Reduced Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) Allowance for the First and Last Day of Assignment

FMM 2009-041 Recording and Reporting Travel Costs

FMM 2009-040 Reimbursement of Fees Associated with Airport Security Fast Pass Memberships

FMM 2009-039 Excess Baggage Fees

FMM 2009-038 Reimbursement of Valet Parking Charges

FMM 2009-037 Conference Planning - Prepayment of Registration Fee

FMM 2009-036 Federal Travel Regulation Amendment 89, Conference Planning - Implementing Guidance

FMM 2009-035 Clarification of Approval Needed for Internal Meetings

FMM 2009-034 Use of Government Contract Fares and Government Travel Authorizations by Departmental Contractors and Employees of Departmental Contractors

FMM 2009-033 Travel of Non-Government Personnel to Attend Meetings

FMM 2009-027 Lease Termination or Transfer Fees for Automobiles and Other Personal Property

FMM 2009-005 Increase in Maximum Reimbursement Allowed for Actual Subsistence - FTR Amendment 66

FMM 2009-004 Reduced Per Diem for Temporary Duty and Training Travel for periods of 30 or more days