A visitor walks along an elevated path at sunset.
A visitor enjoys sunset after a storm at Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Manish Mamtani (www.sharetheexperience.org)

Interior Reorganization

In keeping with the President's March 13, 2017, executive order. The Secretary of the Interior proposes to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the Department of the Interior by reorganizing certain agency functions and bureaus. 

"I fully support President Trump and taxpayers' vision to reorganize the federal government in a way that will make the executive branch more lean, accountable, and efficient while still allowing the government to deliver core services. I approach this job like I approached every command I was tasked with in the Navy: empower the front lines, cut the waste, fraud and abuse, hold people accountable, and do more with less. I won't be afraid to make investments where appropriate and I look forward to working with the career veterans as we approach this mission together."

-- U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke      

Map of proposed draft unified regional boundaries -- too small to make out details
Proposed Draft Unified Regional Boundaries
Secretary Zinke sits in front of his office fireplace, with a U.S. flag behind.
Secretary Zinke talks about developing a reorganization plan for the next 100 years at Interior.
The Stuart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building
We need your ideas and feedback for the reorganization of the Department of the Interior.
President Trump and Secretary Zinke shake hands at a lectern.
Secretary Zinke's statement on the Interior reorganization.