Our Mission: To lead the Department"s law enforcement, security, and intelligence activities by providing effective direction, oversight, guidance, and coordination.

The Office of Law Enforcement and Security is part of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior in Washington, D.C.

The Office of Law Enforcement and Security (OLES) serves as the Departmental focal point to provide program guidance and oversight of the Department’s law enforcement, security, intelligence, counterintelligence/insider threat, and information sharing programs. It is headed by a Director who reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary – Public Safety, Resource Protection, and Emergency Management.  The Director carries out the responsibilities of the office with the management support of Assistant Directors in the following divisions.

Director - Darren Cruzan - (202) 208-6319
Deputy Director - James Patrick Gallagher - (202) 208-1664

Law Enforcement Division - Assistant Director Dennis Bosak - (202) 208-5836

The Law Enforcement Division develops and disseminates law enforcement policy and coordinates the development of bureau programs related to drug enforcement, border coordination, training, and others.  The Division facilitates special law enforcement and security operations during critical incidents or national emergencies and provides program oversight for the Victim Assistance Programs.  The Division establishes and disseminates law enforcement policy and coordinates the development of bureau programs related to internal affairs and program compliance.  The Division maintains the Departmental Internal Affairs Case Tracking System; and provides strategic coordination and recommendations for the application of the Serious Incident Review Group.  The Division also conducts inspections of bureau programs to ensure compliance with Departmental law enforcement standards.

Intelligence Division - Assistant Director James Patrick Gallagher - (202) 208-1664

The Intelligence Division establishes and disseminates intelligence policy and coordinates the development of bureau programs related to intelligence, information sharing and data analysis. The Division coordinates the sharing of law enforcement and classified intelligence information among bureaus, Departments and agencies, and other organizations.  The Division oversees operation of the Special Access Program and SCI security clearances, and all Classified National Security Programs.  The Division serves as the principle point of contact for all Intelligence Community agencies seeking information from the Department. Within the Division is the DOI Threat Coordinator, assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Joint Terrorism Task Force. The Division’s Counterintelligence Unit (CIU) establishes and disseminates counterintelligence/insider threat, operational security, and classified national security information policy, and performs inquires and investigations pertaining to counterintelligence/insider threat anomalies, and incidents involving security violations and infractions dealing with the mishandling of classified information.

Interior Complex Security Operations Branch - Assistant Director Steve Hargrave - (202) 208-6642

The Interior Complex Security Operations (ICSO) Branch maintains the physical security of the Department of the Interior Main Interior Building (MIB) and affiliated grounds.  The Branch supports special high-level VIP events; controls patron access to the Child Care center; disseminates and coordinates actions necessary in accordance with information received from the Department's Watch Office, OLES, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); supports the US Park Police security detail assigned to the Secretary of the Interior; and provides oversight for security related matters concerning the GSA modernization project at the MIB.  Additionally, ICSO performs vital coordination and information sharing with other nearby Federal agencies (OPM, FRB, DHS/FPS, USSS, GSA, and the Federal Reserve Board).

The ICSO Branch conducts internal investigations in conjunction with Federal Protective Services, manages crowd control when protesters are present, and supports the Office of Emergency Management during Continuity of Operations (COOP) conditions.  The Branch also provides critical occupant services, including oversight of all building access; maintenance of vital personnel records and credentialing data; management of the MIB key control system, implementation of Occupant Emergency Response procedures, supervision of Security Guard services, and training associated with the safety and security of all employees and facilities.

Security Division - Assistant Director John T. Keating, CPP - (202) 208-3747

The Security Division establishes and disseminates security policy and coordinates the development of bureau programs related to personnel security and suitability, national security, industrial security, and physical security.  The Division coordinates activities of bureaus and offices for implementation of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan and conducts security compliance assessments of Interior’s facilities including critical infrastructure and key resources.

Technology Division - Assistant Director Danielle Preston, PMP - (202) 513-7654

The Technology Division provides law enforcement and security technology services to the Department and provides project management for the Incident Management, Analysis and Reporting System (IMARS).  It provides oversight for the information sharing environment in collaboration with the Department’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).  The Division provides liaison services and coordination of law enforcement and security information technology related initiatives and programs for the bureaus and external agencies, and provides technology input to the Department’s OCIO.


Department of the Interior
Office of Law Enforcement and Security

Mailstop 3428-MIB
1849 C Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20240
Telephone (202) 208-6319
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