2025-2027 Regulatory Cycle

Public Comment on 2025-2027 Fish & Shellfish Proposals, Closure Reviews, and Out of Cycle Wildlife Proposal

The Federal Subsistence Board (Board) is accepting comments through July 8 on proposals to change Federal subsistence fish and shellfish regulations for the 2025–2027 regulatory years (April 1, 2025 to March 31, 2027), proposals to change customary and traditional use determinations, and reviews of half of the current fisheries closures.  Comments are also being accepted on an out of cycle wildlife proposal concerning the Nelchina caribou herd.

Comments may be submitted to the Board at the address below or you may email them to subsistence@fws.govPlease refer to a specific proposal number or closure number in your comments. All comments received by July 8, 2024 will be included in the meeting materials for the appropriate Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils (Council) to discuss at their fall 2024 meetings and the Board at its February 2025 meeting.  Comments received after July 8, 2024, are considered, but will not appear in Council or Board meeting materials or in proposal analyses. 

The Board may consider and act on alternatives that address the intent of a proposal while differing in approach.  Once the Board makes its decisions, it will publish the fisheries changes as final regulations for the 2025–2027 regulatory years, effective April 1, 2025.

Send written comments to:

Federal Subsistence Board
c/o Office of Subsistence Management (Attn: Scott Ayers)
1011 E. Tudor Road, MS-121
Anchorage, Alaska 99503-6199

Fisheries Regulatory Proposals and Closure Reviews

Southeastern Alaska Area

FP25-01: Taku River Salmon Fishery Regulations

FP25-02:  Unuk River Limit Eulachon Users

FCR25-03: Makhnati Herring (36 CFR 242.27(e)(13)(xx))    

Prince William Sound Area

FP25-03: Tolsona C&T Freshwater Fish and Salmon in Copper River

Kodiak Area

FP25-04: Buskin River Salmon Limits

FP25-05: Afognak Bay Rod & Reel Only

FP25-06: Kodiak Road Zone Salmon Limits

Alaska Peninsula Area

FP25-07: Russel and Trout Creeks Salmon Limits and Permitting

Aleutian Islands Area

FP25-08: Adak & Kagalaska Salmon Limits and Permitting

Bristol Bay Area

FP25-09: Bristol Bay Red Buoys

FP25-10: Bristol Bay Rescind Closures Near Stream Mouths

FP25-11: Bristol Bay Add Gear Types to Align with State

FP25-12: Egegik River Rescind Set Gillnet Restrictions

FP25-13: Togiak Drainage Repeal Fish Marking Requirements

FP25-14: Togiak Refuge Additional Gear Types

Kuskokwim Area

FP25-15: Kuskokwim River Set Gillnet Restrictions to Align with State

Yukon-Northern Area

FP25-16: Kanuti River and Bonanza Creek Gear Types and Harvest Limits

FP25-17: Delta River Add Rod and Reel with Limits Matching State

FCR23-05 (deferred) Delta River All Fish (50 CFR 100.27(e)(3)(x))

FCR25-02 Nome Creek Arctic Grayling (50 CFR 100.27(e)(3)(xi))

Norton Sound-Port Clarence Area

FCR25-01: Unalakleet River Chinook Salmon (50 CFR 100.27(e)(2)(ii)(C)

Wildlife Regulatory Proposals 

Southcentral Alaska

WP25-01 Nelchina Caribou Seasons, Hunt Management, and §804 user prioritization analysis

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